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Monday, July 2, 2018

C3 Wellness Center Challenges MLC Staff

You know the routine. You work hard all day and come home tired. Then there's the rigamarole of cleaning, cooking, and the rest of our daily routines. It's hard to find the energy to exercise and keep fit, especially with all the extra challenges life throws at us. For Mississippi state employees at the Education and Research Complex in Jackson, it recently became a little bit easier to stay motivated, keep active, and lose a few pounds. The idea that a healthy workforce makes for a more productive workforce has been extolled by organizations as varied as the CDC , Harvard, and the Wall Street Journal. Last October, the Mississippi Community College Board, located in the Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) building on the complex, received a grant from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation to open the C3 Wellness Center. This wellness center, located in the Jackson State University (JSU) building on the complex, offers health education and exercise facilities for the 500+ state employees who work at the complex.

MLC's Purchasing Specialist Veronica Dunning

The C3 Wellness Center immediately began offering classes and challenges to help people maintain their drive for physical health. Many people jumped on the fitness bandwagon right away, including MLC's Purchasing Specialist Veronica Dunning. She has been walking the loop at the complex for several years, but was excited to try something new when she heard about the new facility. "I realized a long time ago that my weight wasn’t a healthy weight. The desire to make better choices and become more active was on my mind constantly. I needed an extra push and a challenge. Having the C3 Wellness Center on this campus has given me that and more. It provided a fully equipped fitness center with flexible hours that allowed me to work out at times that were convenient for me."

Veronica has entered several of the C3 Wellness Center's challenges, including their 180 Day Makeover Challenge, a 21 Day Trim Your Waist Challenge, and the Hot Diggity Dog Walking Challenge. Veronica placed second in the Walking Challenge and received a medal. In the 21 Day Waist Challenge, she won a $100 gift card. In the 180 Day Makeover Challenge, Veronica lost the highest percentage of body fat, earning her over $600 in gift cards and prizes to places like Stinky Feet, Blue Apron, and Bellagio Nails and Salon.
MLC's Purchasing Specialist Veronica Dunning
"Overall, the Wellness Center assisted me with weight loss as well as a decreased BMI. The challenges gave me something to be accountable to by requiring regular check-ins. I started walking and exercising more as well as being more conscious of what and how much I was eating. My overall goal is to be healthier and loss fifty more pounds. Continued participation in challenges provided by the C3 Wellness Center will help me reach my goal. Now, I have hope. With hope, anything is possible."

We wish Veronica and the rest of our state employees the best of luck at being active, keeping fit, and staying productive. Way to go!
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