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Friday, August 20, 2010

A Crime in Jackson? Get Out!

At some point Wednesday night someone (are they still called “perps”?) broke into my car and removed my iPod, some pocket change, and a socket set. My intuition said something was amiss Thursday morning when I stepped in glass and noticed my Subaru had one fewer window. Jackson, like any urban area, can be dangerous but I usually feel pretty safe. I live downtown and frequently walk to restaurants at night, keep my doors unlocked, and jog in revealing outfits. No one’s ever bothered me before but I guess my time had come.

After finishing the police report I vowed never to be a victim again. So, while waiting for the concealed weapons permit to arrive, I decided to search the stacks at MLC for a book on crime prevention. I quickly found Captain Robert L. Snow’s Protecting Your Life, Home, and Property: A Cop Shows You How. Here are two of my favorite tips from Capt. Snow:

“Engrave your initials or some other identifying mark in an inconspicuous spot on all valuable property.”

Good idea, I’m putting "JK" on all my John Tesh CDs.

“If you must park your car in a bad neighborhood, put a note under the wiper that says “Won’t start- have gone for help.” or “Out of gas--will return soon.”

This is a great idea. In fact, I’ve already made my sign: “Check Frank’s car--he’s loaded!”

By using Captain Snow’s book and a little more common sense hopefully my car will remain intact. Lastly, I would like to thank Officer Bullock and all the good people at the Jackson Police Department for all their hard work. They have a difficult job and they do great work keeping Jackson safe.

Snow, Robert L. Protecting Your Life, Home, and Property: A Cop Shows You How. New York: Plenum Press, 1995.


  1. um, Frank's car was broken into this morning. He just posted something about it on FB.

  2. A neighbor informaed me that he walked outside Friday morning very early to see a man calmly checking every car on the street to see if it was unlocked. He was also carrying a large amount of random stuff. If Frank is taken, I think I'll use Harvey.


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