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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Look BOTH Ways Before Crossing The Street

This blog post originally appeared 6/26/2008.

A few days ago I was researching Winston Churchill for a patron. The patron wanted to know about a car accident in which the Prime Minister had been involved. The answer was relatively easy to find and led to an oodle of interesting facts about this great man.

  • Churchill was unable to locate the house of a friend in New York. After fruitlessly searching for the house for an hour on one side of the street, he attempted to cross the road to look on the other side. Unfortunately, he looked right and not left! (This is, of course, is what one does in England.) He was hit by a car going about 30 MPH and was in the hospital for more than a week.
  • After this accident, a doctor prescribed "the use of alcoholic spirits at meal time...the minimum requirement to be 250 cc." (That's about one cup for all of us non-doctor types.)
  • When Theodore Roosevelt met Churchill in 1900, he said "I saw the Englishman, Winston Churchill...he is not an attractive fellow."
  • His full name was Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill.
  • He made a lecture tour of the United States with Mark Twain.
  • He was on the cover of Time magazine eight times.
  • He became an honorary U.S. citizen in 1963. (He watched this via satellite from London.)
  • He was awarded Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953.
  • When asked if he had any criticisms about the United States, Churchill replied "...toilet paper too thin, newspapers too fat."
  • He was Prime Minister twice.
Who knew?!
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