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Friday, October 14, 2011

I Love My Calendar Girls (and Boys)

I've spent quite a bit of time sifting through U.S. Federal Census records this week. I invariably run across a few names that are... unusual and unique. After finding several Octobers in one family, I decided to see if there were more people out there with so-called "calendar names." I'm not the only one with a propensity for a name with flair, though. (We've done this in the past with positive results.) Hold onto your day planners and check out this list of "dated" names.

  • January Ball
  • February Graves
  • March January
  • April Showers
  • Lillie May Flowers
  • Ima June Bug
  • July Forth
  • August Bee
  • September Augusta (This seems to be a predominately male name...)
  • October Friday (While this seems to be a predominately female name. Go figure.)
  • November Driver
  • December Rose
  • Sunday Martini
  • Monday Vanderpool
  • Tuesday Stinchcomb
  • Wednesday Butts
  • Thursday Gobble
  • July Friday Parker
  • Saturday Booms
  • Calendar Love (If this man hadn't been born in the 1800s, I'd swear he was the inspiration for the Neil Sedaka song.)
  • Day Night
  • Week Economy (I promise I didn't make this one up, but he might've.)
  • Month Quinn
  • New Year Body (Poor lady. Poor, poor lady. Bless her heart.)
My absolute favorites are the double calendar names. One wonders if they're singularly good at remembering appointments. My one disappointment? I didn't find a single Wednesday Addams in the Census.

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