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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Are You My Valentine?

Botticelli's The Birth of Venus
 In 1930 there were 16,892 Valentines in the United States. These weren't the paper variety, either. These were living, breathing Valentines. We've culled the very best of Valentine's Day names from the 1930 US Federal Census for you. Enjoy!

  • Love A. Redwine
    Cupid and Psyche
  • Cupid Gabriel
  • Venus Quest
  • Aphrodite Diamond
  • Eros Kidder
  • Psyche Underwood
  • Angel Seven
  • Muffin Tindle
  • Dear Bailey (Sadly, I did not run across a Dear Prudence.)
  • Sweet Cahoon
  • Sweetheart Pringle
  • Heart Austin
  • Cherie Major
  • Precious Sheets
  • Treasure Loveland
  • Baby Driver
  • Honey B. Whitaker
  • Darling Holliday
The Mississippi Library Commission Reference Staff wish you and your amour the most felicitous of Valentine's Days!

1930 US Federal Census

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