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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

¿cómo se llama, llama?

This morning, I received a reference text question about llama sounds. (Yes, we text. Haven't you been paying attention? The number is 601-208-0868.) I happen to be fascinated by llamas; I have been ever since I saw this clip on Sesame Street as a youngun':

Do you see the appeal? And who does own a llama as a pet?! That aside, they completely entrance me. I found these fun facts while looking for llama sounds:
  • A llama has a cleft upper lip. That lip can waggle around and grasp at things--it's prehensile. (I suppose that's what makes them look like they've just had plastic surgery a la Joan Rivers.)
  • Llamas live about twenty years. (That's longer than most cats and dogs. Ahh, I'm seeing the advantages to owning a llama.)
  • Llamas are herbivores. (Advantage number two!)
  • Llamas do spit, but rarely at humans. They mainly expectorate at other llamas to warn them away from their food. (I'm not sure if this is an advantage or disadvantage, but it sounds like one wouldn't want to own multiple llamas.)
  • Male llamas fight amongst one another to determine the dominate animals. They spit, shriek, and throw themselves into each other, all to prove they're number one. The female llamas don't carry on like this. (Smart ladies!)
  • Female llamas reach sexual maturity about six months to a year before the males. (This is probably because the males are too busy fighting!)
  • Male llamas make a gargling sound before and during mating. (I suppose this is very attractive to the lady llamas, but every time I think about it, I start to laugh. A lot.)
  • Female llamas only release an egg when they're about to procreate. (This seems very sensible to me.)
  • Llamas are pregnant for eleven months. (I expect the mama llamas don't appreciate this. Silly gargling males.)
  • A llama baby is called a cria.
I did manage to track down llama sounds, too. These are a blast. Have a llamalicious listen!

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