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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How Patriotic Are You?

I've once again dipped into the fascinating world of the United States Federal Census. I can always find something fun to share while scrolling through the thousands upon thousands of names and people.
For instance, President George Washington died in 1799. By the year 1900, 101 years later, 1,012 people have the given names of George Washington. One of my favorites? This man from the 1940 US Federal Census:

George Washington Funk and family
Chester Co., PA 1940

Do you suppose Mr. Funk was a fearless leader of style? I like to think so.

I also ran across Betsy Ross.

Betsy Ross Bacon
Hamilton Co., OH 1940
That is, Betsy Ross Bacon.

I also managed to find:

  • Independence Smith (La Porte Co., IN, 1920) I'm sure she was a fine patriot. Speaking of patriots...
  • Patriot Green (Frederick Co., VA, 1940) I wonder if he liked football?
  • Benedict Arnold Ocho (Philadelphia Co., PA, 1920) Think his patriotism was ever called into question?
  • Honor America Beahl (Sangamon Co., IL, 1930) This is kind of a pretty name once one overcomes her parents' overblown enthusiasm.
  • United States Cook Nicholas (Essex Co., NJ 1930) He was actually a grocery store clerk.
  • Democracy Tinnon (Giles Co., TN, 1880)
Happy Fourth of July!

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