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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jackson is all right.

I was searching for an obituary when I ran across this lovely piece on Jackson! This glowing review of our capital city was published in the Jackson Daily News on May 3, 1910. A transcription of the article follows the image.

"Jackson Daily News. Tuesday, May 3, 1910
Jackson is the cynosure of all eyes. Citizens of Mississippi as they come and go praise it prosperity, and are proud of it because it is their capital city. They are delighted at the progress it has made since they saw is last. They marvel at its splendid streets and magnificent sidewalks. In fact, the consensus of opinion is that Jackson has better streets and finer sidewalks than any other city in the state, or any other state, population considered.
People from other states say they never saw such crowds as embark and disembark from the scores of passenger trains that daily come and go. These passengers as they wait from one train to another ride over our city and compliment is handsome homes, splendid new buildings and the large and growing number of factories.  Jackson has two beautiful parks, which attract much attention, but it needs and will get more of them.
And there is another gratifying thing about the chief city of Mississippi. Its legislators are beginning to feel a deeper pride in it. In this they but reflect the feeling of their constituents. All Mississippians now appreciate the fact that a state is judged by growth, beauty and prosperity of its state capital. Many travelers see state capitals and the impression made on them by such cities and their population causes them to buy land somewhere in the state as an investment, even if they do not immediately care to live on it, or lots in the city for a future home, or as an investment.
The location of Jackson is ideal. It has far and away more railroads than any towns of double its population, and in a short while it will have two more-one through the delta to Memphis connecting there with a great western system to the west, and the other from her to Birmingham and the rich coal fields. Both of these will have a splendid connection to New Orleans.
Jackson is all right. Help it grow. By the next census it will double its population."

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