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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Weather Whether It's Blue Skies Or Grey

Last week while I was helping a patron with some genealogy research, I ran across a woman named Tornado. Was it a fluke? Ah, no. It turns out that many people's parents thought to name their children after weather phenomena. Check out these names I found in the US Federal Census:
Rain and lightning in Mississippi
  • Rain Jett, F
    Kentucky, 1910
  • Rainey Bacon, F
    Maryland, 1940
  • Flood Edmonds, Sr. and Jr., M
    West Virginia, 1940
  • Storm Moore, F
    Texas, 1900
  • Tornado Harrison, F
    Pennsylvania, 1940
  • Tornado in Missouri
  • Hurricane Smith, M
    West Virginia, 1930
  • Cyclone Fox, M
    Michigan, 1940
  • Blizzard Schneider, F
    New York, 1930
  • Monsoon Peckham, M
    North Carolina, 1820
  • Thunder Hatcher, M
    North Carolina, 1930
  • Lightning Hightower, M
    Illinois, 1930
  • Blizzard in Minnesota
  • Snow Baker, F
    Georgia, 1940
  • Freeze Quick, M
    Pennsylvania, 1940
  • Ice Lane, M
    Tennessee, 1940
  • Frost White, M
    Maryland, 1910
  • Milford Hail Acres, M
    Tennessee, 1940
  • Sunshine Anderson, F
    Mississippi, 1940
  • Breeze Huffman, F
    California, 1940
  • Flooding in Indiana
  • Cloud Bagwell, M
    South Carolina, 1940
  • Donna Fog Commett, F
    Kentucky, 1940
  • Hot Brandon, M
    Mississippi, 1930
  • Drought Davis, M
    New York, 1940
  • Stark Weather Stevenson, M
    Arizona, 1940
  • Climate Gaines, M
    Texas, 1940
When I have kids, I'm naming them Sleet and Mist. What do you think?,_IN.jpg

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