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Friday, January 23, 2015

National Pie Day

Today is National Pie Day.  This is not to be confused with Pi Day, which is held on March 14th.  National Pie Day was first recognized by Charlie Papzaian of Boulder, Colorado when he declared his birthday as National Pie Day.  National Pie Day has now been sponsored by the American Pie Council (APC) for almost 30 years and is held annually on January 23rd. 
In celebration of National Pie Day we have highlighted some great pie books from our collection.

As American as Apple Pie
By Phillip Stephen Schulz
What is more American than apple pie?  Phillip Schulz’s As American as Apple Pie includes some great recipes from across the country and several recipes for homemade apple pie.


Never Say Pie: A Pie Shop Mystery
By Carol Culver
Hanna Denton, a pie maker, is suspected of murdering former food critic, Heath Barr.  Hanna must now find the real killer or she will be left to do all her baking behind bars.  Carol Culver also includes yummy recipes for double chocolate cream pie and butterscotch pecan pie.

The Pie and Pastry Bible
By Rose Levy Beranbaum
Rose Beranbaum’s The Pie and Pastry Bible includes recipes for every pie and pie crust imaginable.  Need a recipe for a flaky cream cheese pie crust?  This book has you covered!

Pie Town
By Lynne Hinton
Pie Town, New Mexico, a real town in New Mexico that you can read about in one of our previous blog post, has two newcomers.  Father George Morris, a new priest, and Trina, a young hitchhiker, will transform this once legendary town giving its citizens a new outlook on life.  Lynne Hinton has not forgotten to include recipes for Francine’s Banana Cream Pie and Pie-O-Near Pecan Oat Pie.

Piggie Pie
By Margie Palatini and illustrated by Howard Fine
Gritch the Witch wakes up with her tummy grumbling and decides to make piggy pie.  All she needs is 1 eye of a fly, 2 shakes of a rattlesnake's rattle, 3 belly hairs of a possum, and 8 plump piggies.  But Gritch doesn’t have 8 plump piggies.  What is a witch to do?  Go to Old MacDonald’s farm of course!

Welcome Back to Pie Town
By Lynne Hinton
Back in Pie Town, New Mexico, life should be sweet.  Trina has finally found a home for her and her daughter.  She has also found love!  Raymond Twinhorse has just come back from serving a tour in Afghanistan; however, Pie Town is a totally different place to Raymond.  When an accident befalls Trina, Raymond is charged with the crime.  The entire community must come together to clear his name.  Several recipes from Welcome Back to Pie Town can be found in the final pages.  

Look for these books and many more at the Mississippi Library Commission.
National Pie Day is Dean Winchester's favorite day!

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