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Friday, May 1, 2015

Flashback Forty-One

Time: July, 1941
Place: Liberty, Mississippi
Status: What's Yours is Mine aka the Borrowing Neighbor
Dear Mrs. Stratton: I saw in Southern Herald where you answered a question for some one, so I want you to answer one for me. For years I have loaned my cake pans, sizzors, needles, dishes and various other articles to a neighbor. This neighbor will not return anything. She is good and I do not like to refuse, but Mrs. Stratton, sometimes I have to walk one half mile to get my wash tubs. Please tell me what I should do. - A Reader
I saw this small-town advice column while scrolling through a microfilm copy of The Southern Herald and just about died. Have you ever walked around in July in Mississippi? While carrying wash tubs? Here's the response for this saint:
Page Solomon! Dear Lady! Why did you not ask me to work a hard arithmetic problem for you? Well, I think after your years of neighborliness, I would tell my friend that I was willing to loan, but she must return, and if she failed to do so, next time I would tell her what she wanted to borrow was being used.
I should say so! Invest in your own pair of sizzors, neighbor lady. I wonder if she read this heartfelt plea in the paper...

Time: July, 1941
Place: Liberty, Mississippi
Status: Porcine King
L. D. Causey, the sausage king, reports progress in his section and a good sausage prospect for next winter.
My interpretation: Mr. Causey has a "champeen" size pig. Also, would you want to be referred to as the "sausage king"?

Time: July, 1941
Place: Liberty, Mississippi
Status: Chicken Rustlers Beware
The chicken rogues are busy again and showing much activity in this neighborhood. Plans are being made to find identity of some, so if they don't fail will tell you next week the name of the guilty party.
I didn't see anything about the chicken thieves in the next issue. It seems the editor's pessimism was well-founded.

I hope you've enjoyed this "flashback" to Liberty, Mississippi, in 1941. Old newspapers can be fascinating to read. They contain so much information about the lifestyles of the people and communities. Have a question about one of your ancestors? Remember, Mississippi Library Commission staff are available to search our microfilmed newspapers for you.

The Southern Herald. Liberty, Mississippi. July 1941.

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