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Thursday, October 29, 2015

If There Are Ghosts In Your Library...

Did you know that Mississippi has not one but two reportedly haunted libraries? The Lee-Itawamba Library System, located in Tupelo, Mississippi, is said to be haunted by former U.S. Congressman John Mills Allen. The library building, which was built in 1971, resides on the site of Mr. Allen's home. The library even has some original doors and glass panels from Mr. Allen's home in its Mississippi Room. Mr. Allen's ghost now roams the library knocking books off the shelves and stealing from the book drop.  

The Meridian-Lauderdale County Public Library is haunted by either of two spirits. The late Head Librarian, Jeanne Broach, was devoted to the library for over 30 years and is said to still linger in the library causing cold spots and strange noises. She likes to ride the elevator too. Library employees have also reported hearing a crying baby and someone calling out their names. However, there may be another culprit. The library building sits on a plot of land that was originally the personal home of Mr. A. J. Lyons. His wife reportedly committed suicide in that home and could possibly still haunt the grounds where she died. Its also conceivable that both women haunt the library, forever roaming the shelves for that perfect book.

So, if there were a ghost in your library, who would you call?  

The Ghostbusters


The Ghostfacers

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