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Monday, September 26, 2016

Meet MLC Monday: Eahmon Jamison

Meet Eahmon Jamison, Special Projects Officer for Technology Services at the Mississippi Library Commission! He maintains websites for Mississippi public libraries and for MLC, as well as servers and multiple databases like KLAS and DNS. He is also the email administrator and VPN administrator statewide and manages the spam and firewall filters. Basically, if you've ever dealt with a computer or a computer issue within the confines of Mississippi public libraries, you've been assisted by our Eahmon.

Mr. Jamison holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration from Jackson State University. He has also completed several field specific competency courses and holds certificates in server management, Managing Office 365 Identities, and MCSE, among others. Eahmon started at MLC back in June of 2014 and says he really enjoys his job. "I like being able to help people. I like being able to educate people so that they not only get their problem fixed, but are also able to help themselves out in the future." He says he loves meeting others in his field and learning about new technologies. For instance, he's excited about the upcoming roll-out of Microsoft 365 to Mississippi public libraries. It will make managing distribution lists and email accounts easier because everything will be under the same large umbrella, plus it will save money. Of MLC itself, he says, "I've found a genuine rapport with everyone here and formed lifelong friendships. These are dedicated and hardworking people." Wow, thanks, but you should know we feel the same way!

Eahmon says he appreciates the culture of libraries and how they bring together people from all walks of life. "Libraries are like an open door for our community. Come in, open your mind, and learn new things. Take advantage of the computers, the staff, the other services. They're here waiting for you and they're free!" He says that libraries mirror his philosophy that just because you've finished school, you don't need to learn anything else in life. "Learning doesn't end with a high school diploma. Learning doesn't end when you graduate from college. You can always learn new things and further and better yourself and libraries are the perfect place to learn. For a lot of people in small communities across Mississippi, the public library is the only place they have access to computers, to books, to knowledge."

Mr. Jamison is an avid reader who loves science fiction, like Allen Steele, Peter Tieryas, and Robert Heinlein, and trade journals, like BizTech and Tech Effect. He also enjoys spending time reading with his five-year-old son and his twelve-year-old daughter, so he sees everything from Dr. Seuss to Marvel comics. Eahmon also loves basketball, going to the gym, and biking. He finds jazz relaxing, especially the cool sounds of Miles Davis, and likes to meditate by Mississippi's abundant lakes and ponds.

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