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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Reading Widely: Comics, Part 2

In August, I took on a bunch of comics for Reading Widely, but I wasn't finished! Here are even more to tickle your fancy.

Goldie is a 16-year-old girl detective in this historical sleuth series. She and her dad work at a hotel, and she's constantly trying to help the hotel's in-house detective with his cases. But when something weird seems to be going on with one of the hotel guests, can Goldie and her friends figure it out? Great for middle grade and young adult readers.

Written by Hope Larson, illustrated by Brittany Williams, Colors by Sarah Stern

(Four issues contained in one trade paperback)

In this new run about much-loved Marvel superhero Black Panther, the reader gets a look at what it's like to be T'Challah, the ruler of the country of Wakanda, and also to have the burden of being Black Panther.

Political upheaval and royal family drama make this one a great read for action and adventure fans. Author Ta-Nehesi Coates makes this one an enormous draw for readers of his work. Geared towards adults.

Written by Ta-Nahesi Coates, illustrated by Brian Stelfreeze

(Four issues contained in one trade paperback.)

A lovely middle-grade story about two princesses, one who's been locked in a tower, and one who does the rescuing. The MLC staff loved this one SO MUCH--read our review here.

Written and Illustrated by Katie O'Neill

(Original graphic novel based on a webcomic)

Great Warrior is a very powerful (albeit physically small) being who protects her village fiercely from all outside forces. But when things get dicey and it seems that her friends are going to find out her big secret, will she be able to handle it?

This great all-ages comic has tons of amazing secondary characters, and the colors are gorgeous.

Written and illustrated by Madeline Flores with Trillian Gunn

(Trade paperback compiling webcomics)

Do you have more comic recommendations for us? We'll read them! Let us know in the comments.

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