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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pie? Or Cake? (Or Pie?) (Or Cake?)

Halloween, with its oodles and oodles of chocolate and other tasty candy, has passed. The holiday season, with its burgeoning tables of turkey and sides, is nearly upon us. Thanksgiving is merely two weeks away, on the 24th of November. Advent, the quiet season before Christmas, begins November 27 and always seems to be filled with endless parties with food and more food. Hanukkah begins December 24 and Christmas itself starts the day after that. It's nearly impossible to make it through the holidays without gaining a pound or two, but we've found that with a little pacing and self-denial, you can make it to the other side of the food tunnel. The important question you must ask yourself is: pie or cake?

We've found that many of the staff here at the Mississippi Library Commission are superfans of their favorite dessert. They espouse the wonderment of pie (or cake) with great passion and well-thought out arguments. To help settle the issue, we even created a book display so that people could enjoy their sweet treats without any of the guilt. It seems, though, that this can't be truly settled without a vote. In the spirit of American democracy, and with the grave importance given to our question, please participate in our very brief survey. Which is better: pie or cake?
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