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Monday, March 5, 2018

Finding Your Voice

Speaking up about what is important to us has become a significant part of the times. Social networking has made it possible for campaigns to sweep across large regions and countries in little to no time. For example, the #MeToo movement has changed the way people feel about harassment, and the momentum has empowered women to speak up for what they think is right.

Believing in things is part of the human experience. It gives us hope... something to fight for and protect. I'm a huge believer in libraries. They empower and educated people. The list of reasons why libraries are important grows with each passing day.

Picture the small town in rural Mississippi... the one with little else going on but the activities at the library. I have had the pleasure of experiencing what they do for a small community. They help children learn and thrive, they help people find jobs, and they serve as a gathering place. In today's turbulent times, libraries are facing an unknown future. Government funding has fallen terribly short, and it seems as though library supporters aren't speaking up, as least not loud enough. If something doesn't change, these small town libraries may have to cut hours or even close their doors.

If you believe in the power of libraries, speak up. Libraries are a valuable resource to all of Mississippi's communities. It is time to make your voices heard in support of libraries. Not sure what to say? In the coming days, MLC will be sharing some Library Advocacy Talking Points on social media. We hope they will help you find your voice and that you will speak up in support of libraries.

Join MLC and library supporters from across the state for Library Day at the Capitol on March 13 from 11:00am to 2:00pm.

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