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Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Refreshingly Nuggety!

This morning I was scrolling through my Google Reader when I came across a link to this article on Seth Elder's blog. "Macedonians Drink World's Best Coke!" screams the headline. Much to my mother's chagrin, I happen to be addicted to Coca-Cola. (I hardly ever was allowed to drink it as a child.) I decided to spend a little time on Coca-Cola's website and actually learned a few nuggets to pass along. For example, check out this interesting little gadget. I really enjoy learning about people in different parts of the world. Apparently, when visiting Botswana, you can try a Sparletta Raspberry Strawberry Vanilla Cream. Australians have been enjoying a pineapple energy drink called burn without us and the Thai drink something called Cafe Zu, a "ready-to-drink canned coffee with ginseng". (I'm not sure I could swallow that last one.) In addition, there is a recipe section (where would we be here in Mississippi without Coca-Cola cake?) and a detailed history (don't miss the mention of Vicksburg!) How about it? Are you a Coke fan, too?


  1. YES, Coke Zero is delicious, as is Tab (using 'coke' loosely and incorporating all dark colored fizzy sodas). Also, when we're in Albania I'm drinking nothing but Raki. Go ahead, google it.

  2. The first sentence in my baby book is, "I wannna coke." hehe To be followed by future dentist bills...

  3. Your addiction is exactly why I try not to forbid Spencer from eating things. It only makes him want them more. It could be why he smokes at 10. Just kidding! Anyway, if anyone ever gets the chance to visit the Coke museum in Atlanta, do it. It's worth it for the tasting at the end. They have beverages Coke makes from all over the world. At least one of them tastes like a fountain drink when the syrup runs out. There was also something with Veggie in the name of it. I did find one from England that would be perfect with a little vodka or gin though. It was very interesting to taste what some people pay money to drink for pleasure.


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