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Friday, January 20, 2012

Leon, Rest in Peace.

While looking through the Marion County Progress this morning from 1910, I found several gems -- including a series on how to control your wife! -- but this small article was the most interesting.

I'm not sure I would've given poor Leon's story this title, however. And why is there no information on why Leon was so determined? Had something happened? Was he suffering from depression? (My suspicious nature also wants to know how, in 1910, the hospitals were so adept at curing self-inflicted gunshot wounds.) Or were all his clumsy attempts merely cries for help? Oh, Leon, I'm sorry this was your sad fate.

From a research perspective, I tried finding out more about Leon, but as he was a sailor and this story was set in France, I'm afraid my resources are limited. If anyone knows more about Leon Weiss, please let us know!

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