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Friday, June 15, 2012

Daddy Dearest

You already know that we here in the Reference Department get a kick out of a good name. After all, we've dug through the U. S. Census to find everything from Valentine's Day inspired names to Thanksgiving Day names, and a little of everything else in between. Without any more fanfare, here are our discoveries for Father's Day, and the dads that didn't quite grasp the concept of naming their children after themselves:
  • You should know, firstly, that there are 28 women in the U. S. Census (1810-1930) named Daddy. My favorite? Daddy Tries from North Carolina.
  • The women aren't alone. Eighty-one men were also saddled with Daddy. The best of the best? Daddy Dattlebaum. So alliterative--it just rolls off the tongue!
  • There are over 400 Pops in the U. S. Census. I'm very fond of Pop Cotton from Georgia. I think that would have made a lovely stage name for her. Don't you agree?
  • Dad is a much more popular name than Daddy. It rolls in with over 900 folks. There's Dad E. Light (married to William B. Light). There's Dad Burns. (One hopes he wasn't given to spouting expletives.) And don't forget Dad Margarita Rosa Aguilar! (Nothing pairs better with a beautiful and traditional Hispanic name than dear old Dad.)
  • Last but not least, there are 333 female Fathers in the U. S. Census. (Many priests are listed in the Census as Father, so unfortunately, a count of male Fathers would be inaccurate.)
So, from Paw Jo Smith and all the rest of the fathers through the years, the Mississippi Library Commission wishes you and yours a very happy Father's Day!

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