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Friday, November 21, 2014

Picture Book Month
Did you know that November is picture book month?  The Mississippi Library Commission has a great juvenile section with some excellent picture books.   Here are just a few to spark your interest.

Has your child introduced you to these newer picture books?
A Splash of Red: the Life and Art of Horace Pippin
By Jen Bryant and illustrations by Melissa Sweet

Horace Pippin loved to draw.  He loved the feel of the charcoal as it slide across the floor.  He loved looking at something in the room and making it come alive.  Follow this inspiring story of a self taught artist through his humble childhood, the obstacles he faced as an adult, and being recognized as an established artist.


 The Hello, Goodbye Window
By Norton Juster and illustrations by Chris Raschka

For one little girl the kitchen window at her Nanna and Poppy’s house is a magical gateway.  Everything important to her happens near, through, or beyond this window.  This story also expresses the love between grandparents and grandchildren.

Look in our Mississippi collection to find Mississippi authors and illustrators as well as books on Mississippi related topics.
 Richard Wright and the Library Card
By William Miller and illustrations by Gregory Christie

This is a fictionalized account of Richard Wright and his first library card.  Richard grew up listening to his mother read the newspaper and teaching him to read the funny section.  Now working his way to Chicago, Richard wants to read more than just newspapers.   


A Medal for Murphy
By Melissa W. Odom and illustrations by James Rice

Murphy the mutt was nobody’s dog.  He roamed the town searching for scraps of food, getting in the way and becoming the town pest.  So how does Murphy end up saving the day?


Don't forget the classics!  We have some of the books that you loved as a child. 

Peppe The Lamplighter
By Elisa Bartone and illustrations by Ted Lewin

 A long time ago when there was no electricity the street lights had to be lit by hand.  Peppe, a young boy living in Little Italy, has taken on the job as a lamplighter to help his family.  However, this is not the what Peppe’s father had dreamed for him--until, one night, lighting the street lamps became the most important job in the world.

By Janell Cannon

Stellaluna, a fruit bat, is separated from her mother before she is old enough to fly.  She is saved by a family of birds, but now she must learn to be act and think like a bird.  Will Stellaluan ever find her bat family again?

Stop by MLC to share some of these fabulous books with your children! To learn more about picture book month visit

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