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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Stories from the Road: Home of the King

Recently, I took a trip to Tupelo with MLC Library Consultant Shellie Zeigler. We rushed in, right in time for her Readers' Advisory training to begin. Once we were settled and she began sharing information with the group, I slipped out and checked out the Lee County Library. There it was... encircled in glass like the crown jewels... Elvis's library card application with this wonderful photo of him as a child. I was just mesmerized by this precious gem.

When I was growing up, holidays were spent at my grandmother's house. My dad, the oldest of ten, enjoyed spending Christmas Eve at her small house that would soon fill to the brim with our large family and many friends. The food would be overflowing because my grandmother loved to cook. She would be in the kitchen for hours planning for the onslaught of children, grandchildren, and other folks who would converge on her house to celebrate the season.

One of the things I remember most about those times was Elvis. My dad's six sisters loved Elvis and they spent Christmas Eve playing his holiday records on the big "something-like-wood" encased record player. They would all gather in the tiny living room (after a little too much holiday cheer) and dance like no one was watching. They would talk about their boyfriends, school activities, and other such things. Having had no sisters of my own, my aunts set the bar for my life ahead... and of course, Elvis.

After having my Elvis moment and paying homage to the King's library card application, I began checking out the rest of Tupelo's wonderful library. It boasts a really large, open space with colorful flags and art everywhere. There are lots of public access computers ready for use and the sounds of a children's program soon captured my attention.

I discovered a bunch of families involved in some fun activities over in the children's section. The families were enjoying themselves and I couldn't help but wish that those who wonder about the value of public libraries these days could be present to see why they are still so important. Providing a chance for grandmothers to connect with their grandchildren and stay-at-home moms the opportunity to enjoy some planned activities with other moms is an invaluable service for members of the community.

This trip also reminded me of the wonderful services the Mississippi Library Commission provides to public libraries across Mississippi. Library Consultants are constantly on the road to provide training, advice, a helping hand, and anything else that they can possibly do to provide assistance. MLC wants public libraries to be successful and to have resources that may not be readily available and our staff are ready and willing to help.

Special thanks to Jeff Tomlinson, the Director of the Lee-Itawamba Library System for being such a great host and for welcoming us to the home of Elvis and the Lee County Library. Until next time...

The King is everywhere!  This is outside Kermit's Outlaw Kitchen in Tupelo... they make a mean burger.

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