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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prince Unicorn and Friends.

We came across this great article today from the BBC News about Secret Service code names for presidents, candidates, and other important figures.

I wish it were at all possible to match the code name with the person, but the names are fairly random. For instance, would you guess that “Sundance” is Al Gore’s name, or that “Parasol” is Cindy McCain’s? President-elect Obama’s daughters’ code names are Rosebud and Radiance.

Here are some other presidential children’s names:
Jenna Bush – Twinkle
Amy Carter – Dynamo
Chelsea Clinton – Energy
Karenna Gore – Smurfette
Patti Davis – Ribbon

And some of the sillier ones (which you know are my favorites):
Former Secretary of Agriculture John R. Block – Fan Belt
Dan Quayle – Scorecard
Prince Charles – Unicorn
Frank Sinatra – Napoleon

If you become Secret Service-worthy, what would your code name be?


  1. What do you mean if I became Secret Service worthy? That info is confidential. If I told you, I would have to kill you.

  2. My hubby would be Corn Bread and I would be Honey or Short Glass of Milk! :D

    Napoleon is perfect for ole blue eyes.

  3. It was a hypothetical question, BL!

    I've been thinking, and I think my codename would be Magpie. I like shiny things.


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