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Friday, November 14, 2008

Tonight I'm Gonna Scrabble Like It's 1999!

I have a slightly uncontrolled competitive streak that feeds on games. Trivia games, card games, board games-I love them! I have been playing a lot of Scrabble Beta on Facebook during my lunch breaks and, boy, am I hooked. Last night I watched part of the documentary Word Wars, which is all about the highly competetive world of Scrabble-fascinating stuff! Here is some Scrabble ephemera for you to enjoy. (Ooo, ephemera-good Scrabble word-a p, an h, an m-need to put it on a bonus tile...)
  • Alfred Butts invented the original concept of the Scrabble game in 1938.
  • You can join the National Scrabble Association or form your own Scrabble club.
  • The first official Scrabble Dictionary was created in 1978 using the top five dictionaries in North America.
  • Chuck Woolery, the popular game show host, brought Scrabble to the small screen in a 80's TV version.
  • There were some censoring issues concerning some "objectionable words", but Scrabble solved the problem by coming out with one dictionary for family play and a separate one for tournament play.
  • Check out the book Word Freak by Stephen Fatsis who did some in-depth Scrabble sleuthing.
By the way, one of my favorite funny movie scenes occurs when Ethel and Elsie play Scrabble in the movie Foul Play!
Scrabble on, Scrabble dudes!


  1. I had no idea there were other Scrabble freaks like me out there. It looks like there is only one Scrabble club in Jackson. Maybe you should start another one. A "happy hour" Scrabble club that meets at Hal and Mal's and definitely plays with the tournament dictionary.

  2. We have a scrabble club here which meets every fourth Thursday of the month, usually (sometimes, due to holidays, it meets earlier). I did not know so many people still played Scrabble...

  3. I just stumbled across this post and your love for board games resonated with me. I love playing Scrabble as well. Unfortunately though, there is no Scrabble association where I live. Therefore I play online instead, or on my phone to be exact. But this way I can play wherever I want and in case I need help there are always sites like and such to help out. Maybe one day we play together or rather against each other :)


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