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Friday, November 21, 2008

Take a Seat.

Did you know that MLC is the only Patent and Trademark Depository Library in Mississippi? If you have a great idea for a new product or need to trademark your brand name or slogan, you can call us for assistance.
I was going to provide you a list of various Mississippi inventors and their inventions, but unfortunately most of them are super scientific and are way above my head (silicon carbide semi-insulating epitaxy layer, anyone?). However, there is one recent invention that is definitely not, er, above my head at all. From the Laurel Leader-Call:

Local man invents vibrating toilet seat
By Eloria Newell James
A Jones County native has developed a new twist to a traditional item. Johnny Henry of Laurel has developed the vibrating toilet seat.
“I believe in thinking out of the box,” Henry said. “I wanted to create something that is a little unusual.
“This invention is designed to stimulate,” he said. “It’s to make you feel good while you are there.”
Because of Henry’s invention, he recently attended the Invent Bay International Inventors Convention held at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.
“It was great,” Henry said about the convention. “You get to meet with licensers, buyers and investors, and I got a chance to promote my product. ... It was really nice.”
Also while at the convention, Henry, a native of Soso, made a pitch for the Jay Leno Show and The Discovery Channel. Henry said he currently has a provisional patent on the product, however, “hopefully I’ll get on one of the shows and be able to introduce my product to a national audience.” Henry said the vibrating toilet seat “is a novelty item that can also be used as a gag gift.”
When asked how he developed the idea, Henry said he “wanted to add
some life to the otherwise lifeless toilet seat.”
Henry, a 1968 graduate of Roosevelt High School in Ellisville, attended Jones County Junior College and Alcorn State University before entering the United States Army in 1973. After three years in the Army, Henry enrolled at the University of Southern
Mississippi, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in sociology. However, Henry said the inventors convention was very educational.
“The convention was very exciting. There was 300-400 investors there,” Henry added. “I gained a wealth of knowledge about how to market inventions and how to get a product going.”
Henry, who began working on his invention in 1997, has now developed a prototype. Henry said he continues to work on the invention to make it look more slick, modern and appealing.
“I want it to automatically turn on when someone sits on the seat,” he explained. “It will have two speeds. On high speed, it will increase the blood flow and stimulate the body and muscles.”
Henry, who enjoys writing, said he has gotten poems published and
also a book. However, Henry said, he continues to be focused on modernizing his invention.
For more information about Henry’s invention, you can contact the inventor at 601-729-4470.


  1. Well, according to it's not taken yet! ;)

  2. There are just so many things I could say, but I'm going to be a good girl and just say that this is definitely going on my wish list.


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