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Friday, February 19, 2010

A Little Stripper Music

Do you know what a sexophone is?  Nope, I didn’t misspell it. It’s an actual word. According to, a sexophone is “a short riff on the saxophone used to indicate the arrival of a sexy woman.” A muted trumpet can also be used to create the effect. 

I didn’t know any of this before this week, but that's the beauty of working at the reference desk - I learn something new all the time.  Tuesday, I received a request from a person who wanted to know the name of a certain song often heard in old cartoons.  You know the one - it's the tune that plays whenever a voluptuous woman appears onscreen.  Well, there wasn't a single tune that was used in these cartoons, but after a little digging, my MLC colleagues and I determined that the genre of music our patron described was burlesque. One of the most popular burlesque tunes is “The Stripper” by David Rose, and the song our patron was seeking might have been this one or some variation of it. “The Stripper” isn’t the only tune used for sexophone purposes, but it’s certainly one of the most familiar. 

Most of you would probably recognize it if you heard it.  It's the one that goes like this: Da da da dun dun dun dunnnn dun dunn dun.

Okay, I guess that doesn’t work out too well when you write it out. So try this instead. Enjoy!

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