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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So, Snow, When Did You Fall?

This past Friday, the Library Commission and the rest of the state of Mississippi experienced something most unusual for the second time in less than a month. A fierce swath of winter weather swept across the South and forced us to temporarily close our doors. Unheard of!

It seems that some of our patrons have been racking their brains trying to recall old snowstorms from Mississippi's past. One inquiring mind asked, "How many inches of snow fell in the 1990 snow?" Well, not many! After some digging, I found a reference in the Clarion Ledger to "a light blanket of snow and sleet over north and central Mississippi" which fell December 23, 1990. Unable to determine if this was the storm in question and still missing the vital measurement, I turned to our local National Weather Service Forecast Office. The informative staff there was able to inform me that there was no measureable snow in our area in 1990. The closest accumulation occurred December 9, 1989, when 0.1 inches fell. People must have made mighty tiny snowmen!

Tell me, Meebo patron, was this the information you needed? Please feel free to add a comment here, meebo us again, or send us an email at

Cearnal, S. (1990, December 24). 2 killed, 4 injured in accidents on highways covered with ice. The Clarion-Ledger, p. A1.

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