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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

For the Love of Art

Art at has been an important element at the Mississippi Library Commission since we opened our doors in our new location back in 2006. In the ten years since, we have hosted artists and art groups in Mississippi who have displayed watercolors and wood, glass and gouache, pastels and portraiture, and everything in between. The art exhibits not only add beauty to our building, but they also bring in members of the community who might not visit the library otherwise. Our exhibits generally run for two months, with a special reception during the second month of the show. Due to recent budget cuts, exhibits in our building will be changing. Plans are in the making for a great variety of displays, programs, and exhibits, and we can't wait to show you what we have in store for you next. In the meantime, please enjoy this roll call of all the groups and artists who have displayed here over the last decade.

Randall Teasley
April-July, 2006

Rose Simmons
November-December, 2006

Experimental Watermedia Group
March-April, 2007

Rick Anderson
July-August, 2007

Jackson Watercolor Group
November-December, 2007

Chris Brady and
Southern Fired Glass
March-April, 2008

Jim Anderson and
Mississippi Art Colony
July-August, 2008

Experimental Watermedia Group
and Yerger Andre
November-December, 2008

Buttons Marchetti
March-April, 2009

Tom Harmon and Faye Speed
July-August, 2009

Mary Jane Moak and Sam Cornman
March-April, 2010

Alfred Nicols and Susan Clark
July-August, 2010

Bewey Bowden and Claudia Cartee
November-December, 2010

Gayle McCarty and Lee McCarty
March-April, 2011

George Miles and Marcy Petrini
July-August, 2011

Bill Bannister and Rick Anderson
November-December, 2011

Art by Architects
March-April, 2012

Jenny Thomas and Roger Leonard Long
July-August, 2012

Jennifer Thomas and Bill Bannister
November-December, 2012

3 Generations of Artists and
Beach House Studio
March-April, 2013

Fletcher Cox and Gretchen Haien
July-August, 2013

Bewey Bowden
November-December, 2013

Susan Wellington and
Beach House Studio
March-April, 2014

The Gaddis Group and
Bill Bannister
July-August, 2014

Chung-Fan Chang and Clayton Plunkett
November-December, 2014

Steve Moppert, Mary Lane Reed, and
Beach House Studio
May-June, 2015

Sarah Beaugez
September-October, 2015

Carrie Roebuck
January-February, 2016

Bewey Bowden and Elaine Maisel
May-June, 2016

     Cecilia Edgeworth Baker
     September-October 2006

     Sylvia Doucet Stanton
     January-February, 2007

     Susan Cox Davis
     May-June, 2007

     VSA of Mississippi
     September-October, 2007

     Mississippi Artists' Guild
     January-February, 2008

     Andrew Cary Young
     May-June, 2008

     Helene Fielder and Ray Fielder
     September-October, 2008

     VSA of Mississippi
     January-February, 2009

     Catron Williams and Nancilee Bodine
     May-June, 2009

     Christopher Brady, Jess Tackitt,
     and Phyllis Tackitt
     September-October, 2009

     Becky Barnett, Rhonda Blasingame,
     Anne Campbell, and Carmen Castilla
     May-June, 2010

     Dyann Davis Gunter and George Berry, Sr.
     September-October, 2010

     Jerri Sherer and Roy Adkins
     January-February, 2011

     Mississippi State Hospital, Donna Davis,
     and Pearl River Glass Studio
     May-June, 2011

     Bob Dunaway, May Lynn Dunaway,
     and Larry Smith
     September-October, 2011

     Richard McKey and Casey Parsons
     January-February, 2012

     Lyle Peterzell and Kris Byrd
     May-June, 2012

     Dr. Mina Li and Anthony Difatta
     September-October, 2012

     Mississippi Artists' Guild
     January-February, 2013

     Teresa Haygood and Diane Williams
     May-June, 2013

     Pastel Society of Mississippi
     September-October, 2013

     Tom Cochran
     January-February, 2014

     Bill Wilson
     May-June, 2014

     Suzi Altman and Candy Spurzem
     September-October, 2014

     Jack Catlette and Jason Smith
     Plein Air Artists of Mississippi

     VSA of Mississippi and Jennifer Thomas
     July-August, 2015

     Joe Mac Hudspeth and Carolyn Wright
     November-December, 2015

     J. Mark Reed and Candy Spurzem
     March-April, 2016

Until next time, happy reading!

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