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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On the Road Again

I'm not channeling my inner Willie Nelson, I promise, though I've been told I can do a mean Patsy Cline. (More about that another time.) Recently, I visited some libraries a little closer to home. Mac Buntin and I traveled to Quisenberry Library in Clinton and Willie Morris Library in Jackson. These two outstanding libraries are in the Jackson Hinds Library System.

When we turned into the drive of this wonderful jewel of a library, I was so surprised to find such a beautiful place tucked in among the towering trees close to downtown Clinton. Upon entering, we went straight to the children's library. They are usually the most colorful and fun places, spots where I can find my inner child! 

I was certainly not disappointed by this creative children's area. The windows around the entire room brought the beauty of the outdoors right into the space. The ceiling gave it a whimsical feeling and made me want to sit down and read. I found it hard to leave and I'm sure there are a lot of moms and dads who face the same thing with their kids.

I'm not sure how anyone gets any reading or studying done in a library with this view! What a wonderful part of the Clinton community.

Heading back towards Jackson, we decided to make a stop at MLC's closest library neighbor, Willie Morris. Talk about another jewel tucked away in the trees; it's like the little library that COULD!  Willie Morris, the author, is one of my all-time faves, so this library has quickly become close to my heart.

Once again, I'm attracted immediately to the children's section. What a fun and welcoming space. A huge bank of windows overlooks a large assortment of bright, colorful books for kids to choose from. What kid wouldn't love this place?!

We roamed around for a bit looking through the shelves filled with their wonderful collection of books. I can't promise I won't slip out of the office from time to time to visit this little gem in the trees.

I'm heading out again this afternoon, to the library closest to my home. Madison Library is having a Teen Tech Expo. My camera and I will be there, so stayed tuned! The road is calling.

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